Training Times

As we are affiliated with the Palm Beach Currumbin Sports Club on Thrower Drive, Palm Beach Qld; Akuna can be located in between the Fishing Club’s rotunda and the Outrigger’s club’s shed on the bank of the beautiful Currumbin Creek.
We train on the Currumbin Creek from the mouth all the way through to the bridge at Galleon Way, which is a huge area to paddle in with a diversity of scenery and water conditions.

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Our training times very occasionally with the seasons and conditions, if you are a first timer please phone ahead to check and confirm times and days.

Approximate in-season training times:

Saturday Mornings
7.15am warm up for 7.30am on the water

Monday Evenings
5.15pm warm up for 5.30pm on the water

Wednesday Evenings
5.15pm warm up for 5.30pm on the water

Approximate off-season training times:

(out of day light saving times, 1/4/18 – 7/10/19)

Saturday Mornings
7:15am to 9am with a cuppa and chat afterward

Monday & Wednesday Evenings
5:45pm to 7:30pm, on the water at 6pmWhen you come to training please bring a water bottle, suitable footwear that you can get wet or wear in the sand or boat without slipping over, sunscreen for the day time, or a hat and long sleeves. If you have your own paddle please bring that, otherwise just let us know and we can provide you with one.

Session is usually 1hr 15mins but may vary due to conditions.